The Top Product Management Blogs 2012

This post if a bit of ruse, considering my foray into these top blog posts in the past (The Top Product Management Blogs 2010). However, I am going to keep it simple this year and repeat that the best list for the top product management blogs is Alltop – Top Product Management News.

Here is a list of the key blogs represented:

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    • Dave Daniels

      Thanks for the mention of Launch Clinic Stewart! 

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    • Steve Johnson

      Thanks for the kudos!

    • Jennifer Doctor

      Honored to be on the list. Thanks Stewart. Now this just sets the bar higher for next year I guess.

    • Samantha (Svetlana)

      Thank you for the list!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the listing Stewart!  Most appreciated.  Let’s make 2013 a good one too!


    • Product Manager

      thank u so much to share this list to us…

    • Christopher Cummings

      Thanks for the mention, Stewart!

    • Benji Price

      Please put your product hat on and consider the experience of coming to a list of blogs without any links. 

      • Jessy

         I must say – That was my thought as well!

      • Brad Halcrow

        I too don’t get the point of listing blogs without links?!

    • Adrienne

      Thanks for including us Stewart

    • Stewart Rogers

      Apologies for not having links previously. Not sure what I was thinking.

    • Bruce McCarthy

      Thanks, Stewart! This came in handy rebuilding my RSS feed after the demise of Google Reader.

    • Ish Bugs

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