Curiosity Leads To Revenue

Sorry Kristin, I stole your quote… but full attribution to it now.

I just finished reading an article by Kristin Zhivago – An Epic Sales Call Fail. Through most of the article, I thought what an interesting story. Applicable to product management. Yes. Applicable to sales. Most definitely. Then the last paragraph…

Curiosity leads to revenue. The more you know about your customer—what they’re trying to accomplish, what they’ve tried so far, what they wish someone would offer—the more you can understand how you might be able to help them. That is the true essence of sales success.

… Curiosity leads to revenue …

Let that sit for a minute. Makes you want to call a customer and learn more, doesn’t it?

FYI – If you are not reading (or have not not read) Roadmap to Revenue by Kristin Zhivago then stop what you are reading and pick it up.

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    • Samantha

      Once I was at a presentation with a trainer from Pragmatic Marketing. He mentioned that curiosity is one of the most important keys to be a successful PM. Couldn’t agree more.

      • Stewart Rogers

        I have noticed a trend with Executives using the word more often. I like it!